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Next steps for students, employers, and community partners

“If we can do this here, we can do it anywhere!”


Are you ready to go pro? The following criteria is required to qualify for this free training:

› Verification that you are able to work in the US

› Social Security Card, Address, Picture ID

› Family income verification

› Proof of government assistance

› Dislocated workers must provide proof of Unemployment Benefits Eligibility

› Must have valid drivers license, reliable transportation, and willing to travel up to an hour to and from a jobsite



Has the craft labor professional shortage impacted your business? Contact us today to participate in job fairs or receive a personal employee referral.


Are you interested in bringing Community Builders training to your community? Our program is easily reproduced in any community in need of career opportunities and rehabilitation. We partner with local not-for-profit organizations and faith-based organizations to provide the essential life skills component of the training.

Contact us today to learn how to get started.


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